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Thank you for expressing interest in joining us in our efforts to help special education students across the country via our National Reopen Class Action lawsuit. Please read the information below carefully as it contains important information about who we are looking to partner with on this nationwide effort.

Currently we are looking to expand our team by adding additional local attorneys to our roster. Attorneys selected will represent our special education clients in local administrative conferences and hearings pursuant to federal IDEA. Please note, all attorneys who participate agree to undertake this representation on a pro-bono basis, but will be able to seek recovery of all costs at the conclusion of the matter, if successful.

Please submit the following information below. A link will be sent to schedule a call/video call with one of attorneys from the Brain Injury Rights Group / Patrick Donohue Law Firm. Prior experience is helpful, but all inquiries are welcome.

Thank you in advance,

William Frazier, Esq.

Chief of Staff

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