Amicus Brief

If you are interested in filing an Amicus Curiae Brief “friend of the court”, please be sure to follow the local rules of the Southern District (see below). 

ECF Rules & Instructions to submit a Letter Motion to file an Amicus Brief: 

Here is a general guide to consider before submitting an Amicus Curiae Brief: 

Be sure to include the following information when you submit your request by motion:  


1) statement of your interest in the case and the person or group you represent 


2) statement of your familiarity with the issues involved in the review and with the scope of the argument to be presented 


3) statement of the specific issues to which your brief will be addressed  


4) statement of your reason for believing that additional argument is necessary on these specific issues.  A copy of your proposed amicus brief should be included with the motion.  The parties to the case may object to a motion to file an amicus curiae brief.   


The court will then rule on the motion and decide whether or not to allow your amicus brief to be filed.